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MoSEFF completed the allocation of funds

By the end of February 2017, the MoSEFF II facility with a volume of EUR 22 million was fully allocated to applicants. Hence MoSEFF has stopped in March 2017 accepting new applications. The MoSEFF team thanks all Moldovan companies and the MoSEFF partner banks for the magnificent cooperation and their effort in making MoSEFF an success.

Since the launch of MoSEFF in 2010, the MoSEFF team as processed and screened about 600 applications, of which 350 were assessed in further detail. The MoSEFF partner banks have financed 181 projects in various parts of Moldova.

Among the well-known Moldovan companies who implemented projects with assistance of MoSEFF are Orheit Vit, Macon, Covoare Ungheni and other. But also a range of small companies implemented projects with loans ranging from 10,000 EUR to 2 million EUR. The short clip below provides first hand evidence of the benefits a MoSEFF project may yield also for your company.



The Moldovan Sustainable Energy Financing Facility (MoSEFF) was launched by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in order to support energy efficiency investments of Moldovan enterprises. Under MoSEFF, the EBRD made a total of € 42 million available for on-lending through local partner banks.

To make investments into energy efficiency projects even more attractive, MoSEFF contained a grant component for eligible projects. Depending on the energy savings and CO2 emission reductions achieved, the grant reached from 5% to 20% of the loan amount.

To facilitate and speed-up investments in energy efficiency, MoSEFF provided technical assistance and advice on the optimisation of the energy consumption and supply.

MoSEFF's technical assistance was financed by the European Union and was available free of charge for eligible projects.

Technical assistance was provided by Fichtner - a leading German engineering and consulting company. After a project is implemented, an independent verification consultant (Allplan, Austria) verified actual energy savings.



MoSEFF achievements

Financial performance


Projects approved by MoSEFF team (No)


Projects financed by MoSEFF Partner Banks (No)




Project loans approved by MoSEFF team (mn EUR)


Commited program amount (mn EUR)


Project loans signed by Partner Banks (mn EUR)


Energy saving performance 

Final Energy Savings (Electricity) MWh/yr

   31 822

Final Energy Savings (Fuel) MWh/yr

88 005

Final Energy Savings (Fuel) toe/yr (tons of oil equivalent)

7 567

Primary Energy Savings, MWh/yr 

348 030

CO2-Eq. Emission Reductions, tCO2

65 606

Renewable Electricity Generation MWh/yr

23 965

Renewable Heat Production MWh/yr

36 258

Renewable Capacity Added (Electrical) MW


Renewable Capacity Added (Thermal) MW




Annual Consumption Equivalents


Primary Energy (consumption of how many citizens)

154 575

CO2 Emission Reductions (number of cars) 

46 862





Energy efficiency projects             


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Renewable energy projects


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